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New demo available soon!

Multiple updates every week at http://knightdev.tumblr.com/

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Strange but I can't find download link.

Hey, I'm working on a proper demo, it was too time consuming maintaining that one while there's so many changes going on. Still if anyone is interested message me and I'll send the link.

Oh it's fine. I'll wait for the next demo. ^_^

Created an account finally. Please implement an option to disable the slow-mo killcam when finishing off the last enemy in a room, it will get old fast. I don't think I have found any more bugs that you haven't fixed like the potion ones, but my save game worked from 1.01 to 1.02, and it broke on 1.03, forcing me start a new game. I am also not able to access any key binding menu.

Hey thanks for all the feedback, right now you can skip the slow-mo by pressing Tab, I'll add a disable option too for sure. The next update will probably break saves too, but I'll avoid it as much as possible after that.

Please add some sort of notice to it, there'll be a point in time where you can remove it from your game as any changes you make will not break saves, thanks.