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-'How does it go, again?'

-'The Knight fell from the Spire, and then died. The End.'

A charming 16-bit sneak-and-slash adventure about a knight in a dark world that was prematurely deemed saved.

Progress through a persistent story campaign in this top-down action dungeon crawler featuring robust stealth, heavy-hitting melee combat, and a newly generated dungeon layout on every run.

-- Free Demo now available! Featuring the first 10 floors, after playing the demo you can continue from where you left off after purchasing the game. --

Good Night, Knight is a mechanically-deep dungeon crawling adventure featuring refined stealth, stamina management, a dynamic field-of-view system, versatile items, resource management, and much more to discover!

May contain content not suitable for younger audiences.

Good Night, Knight is currently in development, featuring over 70 items and pieces of gear, two procedural areas to explore with many unique enemies and map features. On purchase, all new content updates, including the full version, will be available for you as soon as they come out. Thank you for supporting this project!

Latest changelogs at the game's Discord Channel

Main updates at the game's blog: http://knightdev.tumblr.com/

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Solid Alpha 1 Changelog:

  • Improved procedural layout generation
  • LOTS of new items
  • New enemies
  • New tent furniture: The Anvil is where provisions can be spent to increase your ammo past the maximum
  • Material gathering from monsters system
  • System for trading materials for equipment
  • New active item, the Butchering Portal: Grab unaware enemies and bring them to the portal for extra materials
  • High-Priority enemies: They yield more materials if killed by portal, drops 1 material if killed normally
  • New characters and events
  • Many new sound effects
  • New music tracks
  • Improved stealth and enemy vision ranges
  • Added more possibilities for making enemies fight between themselves
  • Gamepad support
  • Gamepad button prompts
  • Keyboard and gamepad-specific text based on which is currently being used
  • In-game options menu
  • Key and button rebinding
  • Tutorial area (Partially done)
  • Burning enemies now shakes food off them
  • Drowning enemies now shakes ingredients off them
  • Parrying enemies now shakes provisions off them
  • Small amount of food can be obtained from pots in case of food emergencies
  • Small amount of ingredients can be found on bushes in case of ingredients emergencies
  • Small amount of provisions can be found on grass in case of provisions emergencies
  • Improved monsters spawnpoints randomization
  • Experience is not distributed among equipment that didn’t ‘see combat’
  • Special thanks item box for supporters names. Each item permanently gets assigned one supporter name
  • Haunters now drop materials when trapped in urns
  • Ghost
    sheet much more useful now, enemy won’t get suspicious at all when seeing the knight on it, but moving around reduces its durability
  • Reworked how exp is earned after clearing rooms, cleared rooms now reward experience based on how many enemies it contained and how hard they were
  • Adjusted equipment material costs
  • Updated penalties for dying
  • Ironman mode


Solid Alpha 2 Changelog:

  • Slightly reduced initial difficulty
  • Enemies that would only appear at later floors moved to much earlier floors
    New event: Tipp
  • New NPCs
  • Added 'skip intro' and 'skip intro + tutorial' options, especially useful options for ironman runs and speedruning
  • Added items that are placed on the floor instead of in chests
    A few dialogue changes and clarifications
  • Fixed bug where opening the help menu would make the esc menu not open on the first attempt
  • Fixed bug where player could fall down a hole during a conversation
  • Fixed bug where dying in water could cause a crash
  • Fixed anvil and brewing station tips conflict where seeing one of them would prevent the other from showing
  • Fixed bug where Trog-Mul and Lode's sprites would flicker during animation changes
  • Bug where Trog-Mul's room would lock up maybe fixed, wasn't able to reproduce it
  • Fixed crash when touching chests while using the umbral cloak
  • Enter key can be used to select area
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to vanish from the taskbar when launching
  • Fixed bug where intro music wouldn't stop playing when skipping the intro
  • Fixed haunter material farming exploit
  • Improved Hp + Stamina bar animation when finding the diary


Solid Alpha 3+4 Changelog:

  • New Boss Fight! The Boss can be found is found in Bedrock area
  • New help windows better explaining resources and materials
  • Special event room system for boss fights
  • New tent furniture: Nightstand - Review info on resources and materials there.
  • Toned down difficulty of first combat rooms
  • Increased sword length
  • Increased resource and materials pickup range
  • Saves from previous version are compatible with the new version, but some lift progress will be lost. Equipment, experience, items and materials are kept.
  • Fixed a few more sprite flickering problems
  • Fixed camera going out-of-bounds at Spire's Base
  • Fixed a chest that would be empty if the player obtained the adventurer's diary in the entryway
  • Materials are now correctly spent when purchasing equipment
  • Poison tweaks: It acts slightly slower and is never directly fatal
  • Dialogue changes and clarifications


Solid Alpha 5 out now with a first look on the new Vivarium area! This area is under development, new enemies/items for it incoming on the next updates.


Solid Alpha 6 Changelog:

  • New enemy: The Pouncer
  • Increased firesnake enemy difficulty
  • Reduced curse of Harm's damage bonus
  • New move: Suplex! Performed by jumping while carrying an enemy
  • New death audio when dying to chickens
  • Added 2 new sound effects: Clearing room, Boss death
  • Removed dog to be reworked into dog 2.0
  • Changed some text for clarifications and fixed typos
  • Reduced first boss difficulty slightly
  • Tracks converted to OGG format for better quality and smoother loops
  • Tracks don't reset to the beginning after getting items
  • Vivarium track improvements
  • Disabled ability to run while grabbing enemies/objects
  • Slightly increased jump distance when the jumping cape is equipped
  • Hovering over items and potions in a menu shows a tooltip explaining what it does
  • Show maximum possible carried resources in the resources box
  • Temporarily removed update timer from main menu
  • The room cleared slow-motion can be skipped by pressing either [tab] or [E]
  • Animation for equipment purchasing can be skipped with ([tab], [spc] or [e])
  • Sneaking is now a toggle instead of a hold
  • Fixed peeking
  • Stealth doesn't toggle off after using the umbral cloak
  • Fixed battle variant of tracks playing after getting items, instead of stealth variant
  • Fixed gamepad stealth issues


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Good Night, Knight - Demo 91 MB


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what control

what contro

Here's a wee vid on it :) 

sweet, new update ^^

Gave it a go...

I just picked this up recently and just wanted to drop my two cents on it. The game is a WONDERFUL throwback to the old age of games like Link to the Past. 

What I haven't seen anyone here write is: The writing in this game is PHENOMENAL. Honestly the writing alone is worth picking this game up. I know everyone talks about the combat and controls, but the WRITING. MY GOD. 

It's so rare that I spend time chuckling while playing a game but this one did it. Well done.

I received an early access copy of this game for review purposes, big thanks to RedEmber for that!

So here is my honest, in depth review and opinion of the game so far.

It's a pretty slick little hack n slash rogue-like title, come and check it out!!


The item salesdude doesn't seem to actually be taking my materials when he sells me something, so I just bought a whooooole load of 'em in one go. Guessing that's not behaving as intended.


Nope, that's now fixed. Thanks.

recieved a key for this game from indie boost and quickly fell in love with it. Tight controls and loved the humour. Planning on doing a full play through on stream soon 

Good Night, Knight in its current state is polished as I would definitely recommend this game to those a fan of the genre.

Even if you are not into dungeon crawlers, the art style and combat system will pull you in!

Here is my in-depth review!

review of the game!

it's still in Alpha  o . o; 

full review on a game in Alpha...

I am aware it's still in Alpha, I even mention that in the review. I also never mentioned a "full review", only "in-depth".

All versions of the games development need feedback so that developers can take that information and reference it when adding or removing features during it's development cycle. Yes the developers can work without such feedback, but with information from their audience they can bring the community together to create a game both the fans and the developer(s) want.

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eyo ^^ i've been playing this since it was in pre-alpha alpha ;3

just wondering what's on the updated features ? :3

game has improved vastly since the last time i played it, i checked it out on the stable alhpa build update :3

keep up the good work!

scratch that - i opened y eyes and read the change log LOL.


I did enjoy the game, there are some room for improvements. However, here is a gameplay highlight of the game for those who are interested in the game. 


can you play this game with playstation controler?

I would love to see this on linux as well

Excellent work. Remind me.

Hope this will be available on steam

this game looks awesome man i'd love to play it one day hope you can keep it going strong

I would love to help out test for you!  After seeing the game play and how awesome the characters are, this is a game I'd definitely buy.


Saw this on Reddit, looks class :)

saw this on reddit, looks awesome. PM me if you are looking for contributers!

Any way to play this at the moment?

Hey. Looks good. Saw in /r/gaming

Another vote for putting it back up to download.. totally understand it being a work in progress tho. Just looks cool and I'd love to try it.


Can I get a link to the demo?

Open source? Looking for contributors? If so, can you please PM me (not promising time, but I would like to help anyway I can; coding/testing)

Same, been a programmer for a while but looking to take up game development as a hobby. I'd love to contribute just for the experience.


I would love to play this game, it looks very fun, but I don't see a download link. What should I do?


Saw the spider GIF from reddit! Only an evil knight would step on such a nicy little creature's web. Poor creature

Strange but I can't find download link.

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Hey, I'm working on a proper demo, it was too time consuming maintaining that one while there's so many changes going on, better have just the main game as the focus right now.

Oh it's fine. I'll wait for the next demo. ^_^


I would like to know where I can play this? Or better yet support it?

Created an account finally. Please implement an option to disable the slow-mo killcam when finishing off the last enemy in a room, it will get old fast. I don't think I have found any more bugs that you haven't fixed like the potion ones, but my save game worked from 1.01 to 1.02, and it broke on 1.03, forcing me start a new game. I am also not able to access any key binding menu.

Hey thanks for all the feedback, right now you can skip the slow-mo by pressing Tab, I'll add a disable option too for sure. The next update will probably break saves too, but I'll avoid it as much as possible after that.

Please add some sort of notice to it, there'll be a point in time where you can remove it from your game as any changes you make will not break saves, thanks.